Laminated Bullet-proof Glass Production Line

Triplex glass is the composite glass by adding tough PVB intermediate film within glasses and made through the process of high temperature and high pressure. The PVB film has a very good tenacity. When the triplex glass is broken under substantial impact from outside forces, the film will absorb most of the energy from the impact, and quickly attenuate it. The triplex glass is very hard to be shattered. Even if the glass is broken, the broken pieces will basically stick to the film, so it can technically be classified as safety glass. Triplex glass made of transparent PVB film or colored film has no difference from common glass in their appearance and installation method, but they are much more durable. Dongguan Ngai Wah Bending Tempering Glass Co., Ltd. owns a fully automatic horizontal advanced interlayer bullet proof glass production line brought in from TAMGLASS of Finland. Our factory is equipped with an advanced production environment (temperature, moisture and cleanliness), a superior control system with a highly automated control process. Our accessory high pressure kettle can produce common doubling and bullet proof glasses of 5300mm(length) x 2500mm(width) x thickness(6.38-60mm). We use top quality original piece (including common optical glass, imported crystal glass, colored glass and pitted glass, etc.) as well as top quality imported PVB film, and 80% of our triplex glass products are sold to Hong Kong and other parts of the world through Hong Kong. Our products are widely used in the military section, financial institutions, curtain walls, ceilings and clearstories of mansions, etc. At the same time, we introduce an interlayer composite paper production line from Japan that can process composite paper with various patterns. The products are widely used in indoor decoration and fitment, which create special decoration effects.
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