Heat Soak Test Oven

Due to the existence of NIS, non-glass material inside tempered glass, it is possible for tempered glass to get self-exploded. To reduce the rate of self-explosion, homogenization treatment can be conducted on tempered glass, which can greatly reduce the self-explosion rate of tempered glass. We brought in three heat soak test ovens from Germany and Finland. These equipments are to test safety glass in construction use. Under computerized control and surveillance, the interior of the tester will reach a certain temperature within certain period of time (290℃±10℃), so as to create environment conforming to the European standards. Tempered glass can then be placed in this environment for a period of time (usually under constant temperature for 2 to 3 hours) in order to get those with defects to explode in advance. The purpose of this test is to identify tempered glass with high resistance to self-explosion from those with low resistance, thereby to improve the safety performance of tempered glass and minimize the self-explosion rate of products in use.

  • The maximum size: 12000mm X 3300mm
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