Horizontal Tempering Line (TGL-USA)

Tempered glass is made from the following procedures: The glass is heated to near softening point (lower than the softening temperature) at certain speed, and is then sent to the cooling equipment quickly. Low-temperature high-speed air current is used to cool it down, and the exterior shell of the glass shrinks and hardens first. As the coefficient of heat conductivity is small, the interior of glass is still at high temperature. When the interior of the glass also begins to harden, the exterior shell that has already hardened will stop the shrinking of the interior, so that the exterior will produce crushing stress and the interior will produce strong stress. When the outside force is applied to the surface of the glass, it must first counteract this crushing stress, so the mechanic strength of the glass will be greatly improved, so as to achieve the tempered effects. Tempered glass has the capability of anti-impact and anti-curving. The anti-impact intensity of tempered glass is 4 to 5 times higher than that of common glass; The anti-bending intensity of tempered glass is 3 to 5 times higher than that of common glass with the same thickness. Tempered glass has good thermal stability. When tempered glass is under great temperature changes, it has strong thermal stability (for example, 5mm tempered glass can endure temperature changes within the range of 200℃).

The tempered glass also has good safety stability. Even when the tempered glass is being destroyed by outside force intentionally, it will become obtuse-angled grains that will greatly lower the harm to human body. Dongguan Ngai Wah Bending Tempered Glass Co., Ltd. has introduced the most advanced 5 horizontal and curved tempered glass production line in the world from within and outside the country. For example, we brought in the largest-scale tempered glass production line in the world from TGL Company of USA, and it can produce more than 1600 square meters of tempered glass daily. The quality of these products is in conformity to the British standard BS6206-1981 and the national standard of tempered glass GB/15763.2-2005. These products have high degree of finish, even impact granules, and good appearances.

  • The maximum size: 6800 mm x 3300mm
  • The minimum size: 406 mm x 102mm
  • Thickness: 4-25mm
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